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Today's security solution needs to take into consideration each individual client's requirements. At J V Security, you won't find us offering you an "off the shelf" package. What you will receive from us is professional advice and service from day one. Whatever your specific concerns may be when seeking the most effective possible security solution, we will discuss your individual requirements and tailor a specific system that provides you with the safety, security and peace of mind that you expect.

All of the works completed by J V Security are completed by fully qualified and licenced installers. You can be assured when you choose J V Security for all of your security installation and maintenance works that our staff complete your job to all relevant Australian Standards, in a professional and efficient manner with minimal disruption to your daily activities.

The most important component of a security solution is having a reliable monitoring station entrusted to act on your behalf. At J V Security our control room is graded to national specifications by Australia's leading security association - VSI. We do not outsource our control room monitoring services to any other third parties. Our control room supports all aspects of monitoring from low to medium through to high security monitoring technologies.

Closed Circuit Television Networks provide a visual deterrent to prevent would-be thieves from committing a crime. The deterrent is not only in placing cameras in visible locations as well as behind tinted domes, but also in providing the owner with a recordable means of detection and prosecution. JV Security Alarm Services specialise in the latest digital CCTV technologies (DVR's), as well as other technologies such as time lapsing video and multiplex systems.

Access Control Systems are a solution to restrict unauthorised persons or personel from entering an entire premises or area within a premises. JV Security Alarm Services, inconjunction with a licensed locksmith, can provide a tailor designed access control system from a single door controller, to a multiple door, multiple site system.


In the event of an alarm being activated at your premises, JV Security Alarm Services can, by authorisation, send a patrol response unit to your premises. Our service extends Australia wide through a network of patrol response companies, ensuring that when you require attendance, the nearest patrol unit will respond to your alarm.

At J V Security we pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with a security solution that meets all of their individual requirements. The services we have listed above are what we have specialised in for over 20 years. However, should you have specific needs outside of those services listed above, please contact our office to discuss your needs further.




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